What’s In A Book Review?

I watched a film once – can’t remember the title – where the main character was upset at the review he received for a novel he’d written. His view sparking discussions at a get-together.  At the time I didn’t know what to think about it. Meaning to say, I didn’t really care about how he was feeling about the not-so-nice review.

He wanted to know  how can anyone judge someone’s artistic expression or their style?

Now, I understand where he is coming from with this website designed to rate books with a letter grade.

I guess my question goes out to all the struggling writers, and the successful ones – how do you feel about your work getting a letter grade – past school – that is?



All Good Novels Come To Those Who Wait

Just a few more days and WHAT IF… goes live, and hopefully viral, wishful thinking naturally for this author, who spent the past year and a half compiling words and emotions into a romance novel. One I cannot wait to share with all of you.



Twenty-Five Days and Counting, In The Meantime Calling All ARCs Reviewers

Here’s a bit of exciting news. I hope you think so as much as I do.

WhatIF-Novel3-2142016MLKILIANWe are seeking all book lovers interested in reading and writing a book review to submit by April 6, 2016.

On March 26, 2016,  Fifty ARCs (Advanced Reading Copies) in e-pub form will be released to those who sign up  below, to write a review for WHAT IF,  the third novel by M.L.Kilian.

The reviews will be added on a dedicated page in this website, and circulated on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads and all other social medias. In addition three will be selected to include on the back cover of the novel.

Please complete the contact form below by March 24, 2016 to receive your ARC.  Submit all reviews to mlkilianauthor2013@gmail.com by April 6, 2016.



Ten Must Do’s In Italy – Number 8: Have Coffee in Piazza Navona

I had to share this article I stumbled upon online. Ten Must Do Things While In Italy. Number 8: A suggestion to stop and have coffee in Piazza Navona. What they neglected to add,  was/is while you are sitting and having that amazing coffee, which I’ve done many times in Piazza Navona,  to also read my novel – Piazza Navona – on sale now direct from yours truly for USD10.00 plus tax and shipping:

Be sure to plug in Piazza Navona, and USD10.00 here  and click update.



Book 3: Cover and Title Unveil

1-5-2016 10-46-28 AM

Happy New Year everyone!!!

It is time to get back to business, I know today’s traffic on the roads around San Francisco, was a simple reminder that life is once again back to normal. The definition of normal naturally, varies depending on what it is you call your lifestyle.

Anyway, I am excited to report that on Valentine’s day I will reveal my third novel cover design and title.  That’s an easy date to remember – AND if not then…

Please drop me a line  –  should you wish to get a first glimpse on the eve of Valentine’s Day instead.


Winners Announced for the Giveaway

From August 14-September 14 we had a giveaway for Nob Hill. Many of you entered the giveaway, for which I am grateful, and the winners were selected at random. A freshly pressed copy of the novel was shipped to Trish from Chicago, Scott from Danville and Rina, not sure from where yet, waiting to confirm her address.


Thank you all for participating, and please stay tuned there will be more giveaways. In the meantime, you can also buy Nob hill direct from me at a discount price.