Things That Inspire Me

– a stroll through Paris in the early daylight hours – helps me imagine and create the fantasy in  my stories.

I often imagine life described in The Great Gatsby – don’t ask why – where I am required to wear Chantilly lace and lipstick in crimson red.

The idea of making love in a room such as this one…

this could very well be me – most of the time – not a drunk but someone hard at thinking.




a passionate kiss is imagined here for some reason or another.

my love for Piazza Navona – I can tell you all about over a cup of coffee or amazing pasta dish – right there at a curbside cafe.

I’d make this space my office every summer if I could.

Where the idea took shape for Piazza Navona




I see this person often in my dreams – and so the story goes in my third novel.

a wedding must happen here – wherever it is

one of my favorite hotels in Rome and in fact, the setting for Piazza Navona –

I can do no wrong here…





otherwise there is no happiness to life.

I fell in deep-love in the city by the bay.

Scouting locations for chapter in Piazza Navona.

a vision of my retreat for the rest of my life.

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