About M.L.Kilian

mlkilian Creative writing had never occurred to m. Even though I spent many years writing film scripts, poetry, songs, and kept a journal all to myself. While in college, all of my English professors told me I had potential, and should consider a writing career. But I told them I wanted to pursue a career my parents would approve of, coming from a traditional family.

In 2006 while managing a student travel agency near UCLA, I learned about blogging. It was new at the time, but something very exciting to me. I was able to write and publish freely, unleashing the contents across the globe. What is more exciting was that people actually read it, liked it, and followed my blogs, boosting my self-confidence enough  to publish my first novel. Piazza Navona, which turned into a two-part story, continued in Nob Hill.

I know what you are thinking. Who isn’t writing a book these days. I get it. But you know what, if it feels right, why not?  If it’s a passion, I say go for it no matter what the outcome.  Writing is the most invigorating and rewarding thing I have done and will continue to do because I have many stories to tell, and I can’t keep them bottled up anymore.

Contact Info: mlkilianauthor2013@gmail.com

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