The Debate: Print over Digital

I am  old-fashioned when it comes to reading paperback books, and recently I’ve seen more and more people doing the same. I remember a few years back, during my commute to work, I’d see countless passengers with their eyes glued to their kindles and other gadgets, reading. Although at the time, I felt ancient among … Continue reading The Debate: Print over Digital

In The Words of Stephen King

In today’s class lecture, the professor cited several points on writing from Stephen King. Hoping to guide us, because we expressed much confusion about what writing styles work or not anymore. Since I wasn’t familiar with King’s take, I decided to get online and see about a complied list or a reference point.  While I wait … Continue reading In The Words of Stephen King

What’s In A Book Review?

I watched a film once – can’t remember the title – where the main character was upset at the review he received for a novel he’d written. His view sparking discussions at a get-together.  At the time I didn’t know what to think about it. Meaning to say, I didn’t really care about how he … Continue reading What’s In A Book Review?

Catalog Your Books Online – Reads a Helpful Website

There  are many sites out there that offer up the best way to do this and that, and when one is vulnerable, one buys into the idea. A few years back I stumbled upon GoodReads, and being from San Francisco, I felt the need to support this newly discovered local site, that connects readers, writers, … Continue reading Catalog Your Books Online – Reads a Helpful Website

eBook Sales Versus Paperback – A Debate Worth The Read

The internet is great, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes the information streamed across the pages or websites can be very misleading, or lacking important facts, making us believe something only half-uncovered. Case in point. Just yesterday I read via  Facebook an article about the decline of ebooks, and the rise in paperbacks.  I don’t … Continue reading eBook Sales Versus Paperback – A Debate Worth The Read