Inspired By Photographs…

Creative writing require much imagination to add details to an otherwise one dimensional story. But when faced with writer’s block – Photographs do help…



Here’s A Little Reminder…

I don’t know about anyone else, but I feel really down during September. I don’t know what it is about this particular month. But it’s been like this for me ever since I can remember. Perhaps it’s the end to summer, and the long sunny days mostly spent outdoors, or the warm evenings being able to sit outside and gaze up at the sparkling, starry skies.

I could very well be a dreamer, but then what is life without dreaming?

The most that suffers during this sluggish period of mine, is my writing. When I am simply not so interested in formulating any sort of creativeness. However, what I do find peculiar is that the Internet seeming to sense my mood, swiftly pops-up to the right side of my screen, just the perfect encouragement to get me back on course.

M. Butterfly and Clive Owen – On Broadway

I’ve been a fan of Clive Owen for over a decade and recently while I looked him up online to see what he is up to – in terms of an upcoming film or project – and discovered he is doing Theater. Which by the way, is where he initially started his career.

From the looks of things (below trailer) I think I need to take a trip to New York this October to see the man that inspired me to write my first novel, on stage as Rene Gallimard in M. Butterfly.