Three Question A Day – No. 3

It is supposed to rain here in San Francisco today and knowing this, I planned to stay home (side smirk). I love the rain, because it has a way of cleansing and by god, we need much of it right now. On my way to the grocery store for my allotted shopping time on Wednesday, I noticed a laundry line drawn in someone’s backyard and pinned to that very line were seven pillows – which got me wondering if she were doing spring cleaning or ridding her home of the ailment threatening our very existence. When I got home I wondered if I embark on such cleaning? And then thought, not a good plan to stir up dust during these vulnerable of times. So I opted for a glass of orange juice, and got back to my writing.

If you could invite five people, living or dead, to dinner at your house one night, who would you choose, and what would you cook them?

  • Mother Teresa, Michelangelo, Nostradamus, The Greek god-Poseidon, in case you thought otherwise, Prince Albert (Queen Victoria’s husband not any other current prince of sorts) and Queen Elizabeth – the oldest still living historical figure. The reason for my guest list – is to ponder over how we could reshape our planet after the COVID-19 pandamic. I would serve naturally grown sources of nutrition.

If you could have one question answered, what would it be? Who would answer it for you?

  • What is my expiration date? The actual date and not the statistical one of perhaps 80. I would dial into God if I could.

Do you regularly remember your dreams? Write about your most vividly remembered dream. 

  • Sadly my dreams are my worst nightmares. In particular, the one I started having around the turn of the century – about darkness shrouding the world, and me being responsible for getting my mother, my brother, and my dog to safety. There was also someone stranded on an island, I could see her kneeling at land’s end, looking into what I assumed – time and time again of seeing the same dream – that it was a body of water. The earth was dark, and there was only the mere reflection of a faint moonlight…I gathered. This dream has haunted me for decades and in FaceTiming this said woman now truly stranded on an island, I realized, we are now living that nightmare…which has me stupefied.  I am now summoning better dreams…
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Three Questions A Day – No. 2

Just like everyone else, I’ve been staying more intouch with loved ones who I am intentionally avoiding seeing in person. But the discussions we are sharing are becoming deeper now, the plans, the future, how and if society will truly learn from this traumatic event currently shaping our planet or reshaping it? Religion has come up in our conversations, the idea of becoming more drawn to it. Relationships between partners, and even with co-workers once it is deemed safe to return to normalcy.

A few weeks pack, online sources shared photos of the first day the citizen of China were allowed to venture outside, and perhaps its a cultural thing to remain unemotional, but I would be jumping around at the idea of being able to breath fresh air, or being outside. But the somber faces of the people sort of made me feel not so at ease. Or perhaps I am simply over-analyzing it. Either way this got me thinking about the next three questions:

When are you at your best, and how do you get back there when you feel unbalanced or unwell?

  • I am at my best after a long walk through a park or along the coast. Being outdoors has a organic way of healing every emotional ailment I feel, and sometimes even the physical ones. I was in Florence, Italy once, in particular in a Jewelry store located along Ponto Vecchio – yes I know it is a tourist trap – but I was living in the moment. I wanted a dainty bracelet made of gold, silver and rose gold links and in the middle of negotiating a price – which is, no matter the percentage, is always favorable to the seller and I cringed from the pinch nerve that was bothering me that day. The lady behind the counter came around and gave me a hug and then she said – walk as often as you can, it will always do you some good.  This is all I remember every single time I take her up on the suggestion.

Assuming your life is a story and you are the author, what does your happy ending look like

  • As you might know, most novels are based on true stories, even if parts of it are fabricated, or exaggerated or wishful thinking, but it is certainly on much reality. So, my story begins something like this, and ends -wishful thinking – something like this.

If you could be president for one day, what would you do, and why?

  • Oh I am the president of my life and my family and I would continue to do just they way that I do for as long as my family knows that I have the best interest and intentions at heart. But if I were the president, I would abolish greed.

what say you? 


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Three Questions A Day – No. 1

In San Francisco, some of us have been sheltering-in-place for over a week or so. It all started around the 12th of March – when the figures of authority began to outline the plan. I was made aware of COVID-19 on January 26, a day before I needed to fly back home from London. I got a test from a family member telling me to be careful while passing through Heathrow and beyond. The funny thing is, I mentioned the concerns to the taxi driver taking me to the airport and he simply shrugged it off. Something lots of people seem to do or have done ever since, when it hit close to their home.

But here we all are, trying our best to adapt to this new lifestyle and not go stir-crazy. I read online how parents asking for help with their kids schooling, or voicing concern about senior graduation and prom, and even about vacations and weddings.  How quickly the virus has spread and wreaked havoc on everyone’s life is a clear indication of how vulnerable we all are.

So today I share with you the following questions and look forward to your response.

Who do you admire most in this world, and why?

  • I admire all the people who risk their own health and safety to ensure the safety and well being of others. Who go above and beyond to help ease anxiety and tensions, and maintain a normalcy within the chaos. I admire the old,  whose undeniable faith in God, and traditions are the reason they persevered.

What are five things you absolutely, positively, totally want to do before you die, and how can you do one of them THIS YEAR?

  • The five things are – see the Northern Lights in Iceland or Norway. Hike the Pennine Way, England and Scotland. Visit New Zealand. Rent A House for a year in Cornwall, England.  Save all the creatures on the verge of extinction.  The only thing I can possibly do this year is live vicariously through another novel I am currently working on.

What would you truly lose, deep down, if you lost what you are most scared of losing?

  • My loyal companion – my fifteen year old dog – who is showing me more signs every day that he is ready to go. But when we make eye contact, he relays just how much he is worried about me when he does…and I have to agree with him.


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Three Questions A Day – Prologue

As we shelter-in-place, we are all learning ways to adapting to a new lifestyle – mostly, being confined at home.  So this is how prisoners feel or patients in long-term care. 

Also, I have to point out just how small our world can be, and also how big!

I decided to answer three questions a day, and hope to inspire others to do the same. Sort of like online emotional therapy or solidarity if you will.  So here we go:

If you were unapologetically and truly yourself, day in and day out, and if you fully accepted and loved yourself, what would change for you moving forward?

  • The ability to live a little selfishly without guilt 

 What would you tell your five-year-old self now?

  • Follow your passion no matter if you don’t have anyone’s support. 

How do you deal with helplessness, with letting go, with release and surrender of expectations?

  • I normally don’t like to give up on anything or anyone I believe in. But since we cannot control how everyone else is – or their desire to make positive changes, I say my piece, hope for the best and let them be. In the past , I had a difficult time coping with feeling helpless, or letting go – but the older I got the easier these things have become or are becoming. I pick and choose my battles now.  If someone doesn’t want to talk about it. I simply let it go and find a positive distraction for my own mental health. 


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What Is On Your Reading and Gifting List for 2019

There are countless book recommends for 2019 and some even going back a few years. Of course, this is in addition to the classics we have all read for school or otherwise. With that thought in mind, I ask what are you reading these days or are planning to gift someone and why that particular book?

Here’s what I’ve added to my list from a list of 60 recommends

‘What happens when you get exactly the life you wanted and realize you want something completely different? You could run away from home … or you can make like Philpot, who’s been called “the modern-day reincarnation” of authors Nora Ephron and Erma Bombeck, and enact some mini life changes that pay off in major happiness’. – {source}
‘Bestselling author Jennifer Weiner is back with a heartfelt and relatable story of two sisters as they struggle to find themselves. Weiner’s books are reliably excellent, and this one is absolutely no exception. Grab it for a travel read or a palate-cleanser between heavier fare’. – {source}
‘Fans of the long-running Cathy comic strip will love this memoir from its creator. The essays are funny, poignant, and super relatable, especially for moms and those heading into (or out of) middle age’. {source}
‘The author of Commonwealth is back with another suspenseful tale, this time of the bonds that keep us together and hold us back. This novel spans five decades as it tells the story of siblings Danny and Maeve and the Dutch House, an estate that set about the undoing of their entire family and showed them just how much they can withstand’. {source}
‘Told through emails, blog posts and online therapy sessions, this quirky novel about the aftermath of a young woman’s death — and the friends working to make her biggest dream come true — is funny, modern and memorable’. {source}.