Three Question A Day – No. 3

It is supposed to rain here in San Francisco today and knowing this, I plan to stay home (side smirk). I love the rain, because it has a way of cleansing and by god, we need much of it right now. On my way to the grocery store for my allotted shopping time on Wednesday, I noticed a laundry line drawn in someone’s backyard and pinned to that very line were seven pillows – which got me wondering if she were doing spring cleaning or ridding her home of the ailment threatening our very existence. When I got home I wondered if I should embark on such cleaning? And then thought, not a good plan to stir up dust during these vulnerable of times. So I opted for a glass of orange juice, and got back to my writing.

If you could invite five people, living or dead, to dinner at your house one night, who would you choose, and what would you cook them?

  • Mother Teresa, Michelangelo, Nostradamus, The Greek god-Poseidon, in case you thought otherwise, Prince Albert (Queen Victoria’s husband not any other current prince of sorts) and Queen Elizabeth – the oldest still living historical figure. The reason for my guest list – is to ponder over how we could reshape our planet after the COVID-19 pandamic. I would serve naturally grown sources of nutrition.

If you could have one question answered, what would it be? Who would answer it for you?

  • What is my expiration date? The actual date and not the statistical one of perhaps 80. I would dial into God if I could.

Do you regularly remember your dreams? Write about your most vividly remembered dream. 

  • Sadly my dreams are my worst nightmares. In particular, the one I started having around the turn of the century – about darkness shrouding the world, and me being responsible for getting my mother, my brother, and my dog to safety. There was also someone stranded on an island, I could see her kneeling at land’s end, looking into what I assumed – time and time again of seeing the same dream – that it was a body of water. The earth was dark, and there was only the mere reflection of a faint moonlight…I gathered. This dream has haunted me for decades and in FaceTiming this said woman now truly stranded on an island, I realized, we are now living that nightmare…which has me stupefied.  I am now summoning better dreams…
question source here and here

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