Three Questions A Day – No. 2

Just like everyone else, I’ve been staying more intouch with loved ones who I am intentionally avoiding seeing in person. But the discussions we are sharing are becoming deeper now, the plans, the future, how and if society will truly learn from this traumatic event currently shaping our planet or reshaping it? Religion has come up in our conversations, the idea of becoming more drawn to it. Relationships between partners, and even with co-workers once it is deemed safe to return to normalcy.

A few weeks pack, online sources shared photos of the first day the citizens of China were allowed to venture outside, and perhaps its a cultural thing to remain unemotional, but I would be jumping around at the idea of being able to breath fresh air, or being outside. But the somber faces of the people sort of made me feel not so at ease. Or perhaps I am simply over-analyzing it. Either way this got me thinking about the next three questions:

When are you at your best, and how do you get back there when you feel unbalanced or unwell?

  • I am at my best after a long walk through a park or along the coast. Being outdoors has an organic way of healing every emotional ailment I feel, and sometimes even the physical ones. I was in Florence, Italy once, in particular in a Jewelry store located along Ponto Vecchio – yes I know it is a tourist trap – but I was living in the moment. I wanted a dainty bracelet made of gold, silver and rose gold links and in the middle of negotiating a price – which is, no matter the percentage, is always favorable to the seller and I cringed from the pinch nerve that was bothering me that day. The lady behind the counter came around and gave me a hug and then she said – walk as often as you can, it will always do you some good.  This is all I remember every single time I take her up on the suggestion.

Assuming your life is a story and you are the author, what does your happy ending look like

  • As you might know, most novels are based on true stories, even if parts of it are fabricated, or exaggerated or wishful thinking, but it is certainly on much reality. So, my story begins something like this, and ends -wishful thinking – something like this.

If you could be president for one day, what would you do, and why?

  • Oh I am the president of my life and my family and I would continue to do just they way that I do for as long as my family knows that I have the best interest and intentions at heart. But if I were the president, I would abolish greed.

what say you? 


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