What Is On Your Reading and Gifting List for 2019

There are countless book recommends for 2019 and some even going back a few years. Of course, this is in addition to the classics we have all read for school or otherwise. With that thought in mind, I ask what are you reading these days or are planning to gift someone and why that particular … Continue reading What Is On Your Reading and Gifting List for 2019

Latest Read: Its Hot In The Hamptons

I laugh at the idea of me buying a dozen books every time I travel to England or a destination with an English bookstore, but always end up checking out a book at a public library in San Francisco and reading it before I touch any of the ones I hauled across the pond and … Continue reading Latest Read: Its Hot In The Hamptons

Holiday Gifts For The Book Lover

A few days ago, I walked into a Blackstone Bookstore in a small town in England – which shall remain nameless for now – since I am here doing research for another story – and I have to say, I was caught completely off guard by the amount of foot traffic the store receives. At … Continue reading Holiday Gifts For The Book Lover

Good Morning World…

Apologies for not posting as much here. I took a few weeks to escape the norm and find some inspiration to write again. In the meantime, here’s a picture of me (well one that reminds me of me) – always in a bookstore wherever I travel to, thumbing and searching for that wonderful little novel … Continue reading Good Morning World…

Reading Two Opinions At Once

My favorite past time is reading-online stories about Parisian life – from ex-pats to locals – sharing their opinions, observations and trivia about the city of love. This blog in particular sparking an interest after I read the following bullet points author Amanda Randone penned on Coveteur: Randone states the following: 1. French-Girl style is … Continue reading Reading Two Opinions At Once

Travel and Reading – Best Therapy Ever

If I could travel for the rest of my life, without a care, I would. And if I could simply spend the hours in between discovering every inch of this amazing planet of ours, reading, I would become the happiest version of myself – M.L.Kilian So if you share this longing of mine, then consider … Continue reading Travel and Reading – Best Therapy Ever