Articles of Interest – For the Writer At Heart

While always in search of inspiration or otherwise, I have stumbled upon a few articles which I found interesting enough to share with all the writers at heart:   How do you know you are a write at heart?  

In Search Of…

I’ve just returned from Scotland, where I spend a good amount of time doing research. I think I may have mentioned this bit once here. But it doesn’t hurt to repeat so that we are all on the same page, if you will, so that my story makes sense. So while in Edinburgh one night, … Continue reading In Search Of…

Piazza Navona Captures My Heart Every Time

I was in Europe the past three-weeks and while in Rome, I had to spend an entire day in Piazza Navona reminiscing about my novel with the very name. I visited the church, the stationery store and the restaurants I wrote about, all while detailing parts of the story to my travel partner. 🙂 Not … Continue reading Piazza Navona Captures My Heart Every Time

A Time Away Helps Me Think Better

I was on a long overdue holiday or vacation last week, mostly thinking about a wake up call, I suppose, about how critical people can be of your personal expression of art or even any artistic opinion that you want to share with the world – never mind views on politics, religion and family. The … Continue reading A Time Away Helps Me Think Better

Inspired By Eat, Pray, Love and My Story

Under the promotion blurb on Elizabeth Gilbert’s site about the book Eat, Pray, Love Made Me Do It. There reads the following clever line: Entertaining and enlightening, Eat Pray Love Made Me Do It is a celebration for fans old and new. What will Eat Pray Love make you do? And I have to say, the novel is absolutely a creative … Continue reading Inspired By Eat, Pray, Love and My Story

Oh The Places We Humans Stumble Upon Love

I found this article a few days ago, naturally because of the title (see below a screen snapshop). I am always looking for stories or events, inspiring  me into writing my novels. So you can imagine my fascination. Please read on, and if you care to, share with me your serendipity.