Advice For the Struggling Writer


Thirty-nine things to remember while struggling to build your writing career  was an article sent to me via Pinterest by someone very special. I appreciate the fact that she was thinking about me. I guess she was listening more than I thought she was each time I expressed my feelings to her about the whole writing thing. Anyway, all good advice and most of them, I learned to follow over the year. I write because I love to express myself. I write because I have stories to tell. This past year has been an enlightening experience, mostly since I took the leap to put out my first two-part novel. I learned from all sorts of mistakes I made, and at times I felt very insecure and ready to give up.

It was my mother who insisted that I push forward, and continue to write because she could tell how alive I became in doing so. Besides, she said she loves my stories and plots I share with her over tea. So here I am still tapping away at my keyboard every chance I get, doing what I love best-writing.

So there, that’s my story, and the advice I want to share with you all.

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