Advice For the Struggling Writer

Thirty-nine things to remember while struggling to build your writing career  was an article sent to me via Pinterest by someone very special. I appreciate the fact that she was thinking about me. I guess she was listening more than I thought she was each time I expressed my feelings to her about the whole … Continue reading Advice For the Struggling Writer

Signs Are Everywhere – Don’t Give Up

When I read the following article I was overjoyed, cheering in my own private world. It could not have come at a better time. I forwarded the article link to myself via email to ponder over the story, and eventually share it with everyone who finds my blog interesting. The title of the article is The … Continue reading Signs Are Everywhere – Don’t Give Up

Writer’s Inspiration and How It Works

The second you consider writing a book, you search for inspiration or sometimes something inspires you enough to consider writing a book. This is how my first book came to be. I was traveling in Europe as usual and while walking through Piazza Navona a few things caught my attention and put a smile across … Continue reading Writer’s Inspiration and How It Works