Writer’s Inspiration and How It Works


The second you consider writing a book, you search for inspiration or sometimes something inspires you enough to consider writing a book. This is how my first book came to be. I was traveling in Europe as usual and while walking through Piazza Navona a few things caught my attention and put a smile across my face, solidifying the fact I needed to write about it. 

This past week, I’ve been in a slum, and although the holidays normally excite me, I can’t seem to shake off the shocking news of Paul Walker’s tragic death. I know this may be crazy to most, but it isn’t if you have a creative mind and seek inspiration in the most unusual way, whether for a movie idea, words to a song,  a topic for an article in a magazine or simply just to write a novel. 

While I searched for characters to incorporate in my novels, Paul Walker stood out as someone to intertwine in the story. Not really mentioning the fact he was a celebrity but a down-to-earth man, living a simple life. I’ve been working on the book diligently for over a year and was in the final editing stages when on Saturday of last week, the news of his tragic death was blasted throughout the Internet in all shapes and sizes, interrupting my storyline, since my ending is different from what’s happened. I am at a loss at the moment, avoiding all happy writings and holding back for seven days or so what I’ve wanted to say here, for fear of being judged or mocked. Silly I know, but it is what it is, and I hope soon; I can figure out how to make my story work, without constantly visualizing the wrecked Porsche and hearing about what a great man he was, rather than; he is. 

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