Advice For the Struggling Writer

Thirty-nine things to remember while struggling to build your writing career  was an article sent to me via Pinterest by someone very special. I appreciate the fact that she was thinking about me. I guess she was listening more than I thought she was each time I expressed my feelings to her about the whole … Continue reading Advice For the Struggling Writer

35 Writers Who Run The Literary Internet I’d Like To Invite To A Dinner Party

Naturally I read articles involving and revolving around the literary world, immersing myself in everything writing related. So, it was the norm when I saw this article and scrolled through the list of 35 individuals who run the literary Internet just to get to know them. And then I thought. Wouldn’t it be amazing if … Continue reading 35 Writers Who Run The Literary Internet I’d Like To Invite To A Dinner Party

Creative Genius – That’s What You Are

Have you ever taken any of the quizzes on Facebook? You know the ones about where you should live, what you should eat, where to travel and finally, the one I took, True Calling. I clicked through a dozen questions and the answer I got for my true calling is that I am a creative … Continue reading Creative Genius – That’s What You Are

Challenges of an Indie Author

I have to say a year ago, I thought writing a book would be the most difficult thing to do. Well, I was wrong. Marketing and advertising has topped the list of everything difficult an author is faced with in regards to making her/his book noticed and read. Of course the internet is saturated with … Continue reading Challenges of an Indie Author