Be Careful What You Write…Or Maybe Not

In 2010, I decided to write my first novel, and two years later, I decided to split it in two before publishing it. Piazza Navona – part I and Nob Hill – part II because it made more sense to me. Within the pages of the novels, I’ve written many things, most of which I … Continue reading Be Careful What You Write…Or Maybe Not

Advice For the Struggling Writer

Thirty-nine things to remember while struggling to build your writing career  was an article sent to me via Pinterest by someone very special. I appreciate the fact that she was thinking about me. I guess she was listening more than I thought she was each time I expressed my feelings to her about the whole … Continue reading Advice For the Struggling Writer

Ask The Author: M.L.Kilian

I appreciate all the help I can get while I introduce myself to the world as an aspiring author. So when GoodReads asked me (interestingly) e-questions, to post to my promo page,  I had to answer each and every one of them, finding the entire exercise invigorating to say the least.  Here are the questions … Continue reading Ask The Author: M.L.Kilian

Part II – Coming Your Way Soon

Hello Everyone First of all thank you for your support and kind emails telling me how much you loved Piazza Navona and can’t wait to read part II. Well, finally the book is ready, in conversion as I write this.  So, in the next two weeks or so, the book will be on sale through … Continue reading Part II – Coming Your Way Soon

Styles of Writing in Pictures

While I write, I also run an edit program on my computer to make sure what I’m writing is coherent and concise. At times I feel so good about what I’ve written and  other times naturally I doubt every single word put together, questioning my style. When I saw this comic illustration here, I couldn’t help … Continue reading Styles of Writing in Pictures