Two Books I Ordered Today

Research and other’s opinion are very important when plotting my own storyline. So, check out which two books stood out for me to read next for this new book I am working on.


I’ll share my opinion in a few weeks on both books. In the meantime, if you’ve read either or both, please feel free to share your take about the contents.

On This Day…

Two things happened. I was born and…

Thank you J.K. Rowlings for giving me the inspiration to persevere.

Paris Can Wait…and Books To Read

Although for me Paris CAN NEVER Wait, I love the title of this new film – Paris Can Wait, being released in the US on 12-May.  The story as always is about a woman with an inattentive husband and possibly in a questionable marriage. She  goes on a trip to the South of France with her husband, only to find herself on the verge of being abandoned by him. The reason: He needs to go back to his work in Los Angeles. Naturally, his French business partner volunteers to drive the wife (Anne) to Paris,  and along the way you can imagine what could happen…the story tapping into all of the middle-aged women’s fantasies of course?

However, there is no novel to refer to for the film Paris Can Wait. So, in case you are experiencing withdrawals like I am right about now about Paris, here are a few suggestions for novels which I have read about the subject matter at hand.




English Countryside Had Me Taking Notes

I scheduled a trip to Europe in March knowing that I would be juggling an online course,  my day job and play.  Which by the way I outlined very strategically  on a spreadsheet/calendar and presented it to my friend who I was going to be traveling with. She laughed at first, and then sort of just went along to see how it would all pan out.

First week, I scheduled a drive to Stratford-Upon-Avon from her town in Suffix, with a day trip from Stratford to Bath and another to The Cotswolds. Notes upon notes were jotted down by yours truly, and photographs taken for novel four, which I have been loosely working on.  Meaning to clarify, the outline is complete (fourth outline), the protagonist(s) developed, and the story chapters 1-3 are in first draft.  All of which happened on a cold stormy night in Stratford.

The second week, we took the Eurostar from London to Paris and there I walked the streets of my favorite city observing human behavior.  Oddly or funny enough, the makings of novel five happened there. How does that happen?

Back to England, and more day trips from my friend’s place to nearby towns, and although everything I’ve seen is amazing, memorable, heartwarming, lovely, charming, and potentially a good spot, non has inspired me enough to consider it the perfect location for my next story. Have you ever felt that way?

In a few days I will be heading up to Scotland, to work through the kinks in book 3 and then back home and by then I hope I would settle on a location. In the meantime I am obsessed with this photograph I took in a Museum in Paris

Portrait de madame Paul Guillaume at grand chapeau by Andre Derain




Location Is Everything – When It Comes to Penning A Film

My first thought, when I finally got serious about writing, was that I wanted to write screen plays – because film making is and always will be my first passion.

So, you can imagine how excited I get when a film is made on location or the perfect location to a film is considered.  Be it a small town, off the beaten path, or an unheard of island, exotic or even mysterious, the backdrop makes a big difference.

With that said, I saw a film the other night,  ‘A Bigger Splash’ which I have written about here, and if you are as much into film locations as I am, then see here for where it is the film was made.

Side note: There is a restaurant scene in the beginning of the film, somewhere on a cliff side in Italy, I can surely see myself spending a few hours with friends discussing whatever comes to mind…