Two Books I Ordered Today

Research and other’s opinion are very important when plotting my own storyline. So, check out which two books stood out for me to read next for this new book I am working on.   I’ll share my opinion in a few weeks on both books. In the meantime, if you’ve read either or both, please … Continue reading Two Books I Ordered Today

Paris Can Wait…and Books To Read

Although for me Paris CAN NEVER Wait, I love the title of this new film – Paris Can Wait, being released in the US on 12-May.  The story as always is about a woman with an inattentive husband and possibly in a questionable marriage. She  goes on a trip to the South of France with … Continue reading Paris Can Wait…and Books To Read

English Countryside Had Me Taking Notes

I scheduled a trip to Europe in March knowing that I would be juggling an online course,  my day job and play.  Which by the way I outlined very strategically  on a spreadsheet/calendar and presented it to my friend who I was going to be traveling with. She laughed at first, and then sort of … Continue reading English Countryside Had Me Taking Notes

A Visit To Paris…Turned Into A Story To Tell

While in England the last couple of weeks, I felt the need to schedule  a quick trip to Paris. I figured since it is off-season, I could explore my favorite city with ease, and be able to think clearly about my next story. And sure enough, just like that, the story came to me…

A Short Story By M.L.Kilian…

Once upon a time an American woman moved to the Cotswolds and lived happily ever after. The End 🙂  I wrote in my journal after a drive through the magical region in England just a few days ago.