Paris Can Wait…and Books To Read

Although for me Paris CAN NEVER Wait, I love the title of this new film – Paris Can Wait, being released in the US on 12-May.  The story as always is about a woman with an inattentive husband and possibly in a questionable marriage. She  goes on a trip to the South of France with her husband, only to find herself on the verge of being abandoned by him. The reason: He needs to go back to his work in Los Angeles. Naturally, his French business partner volunteers to drive the wife (Anne) to Paris,  and along the way you can imagine what could happen…the story tapping into all of the middle-aged women’s fantasies of course?

However, there is no novel to refer to for the film Paris Can Wait. So, in case you are experiencing withdrawals like I am right about now about Paris, here are a few suggestions for novels which I have read about the subject matter at hand.




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