Inspired By A Novel – Me Before You

I read, as you hopefully can imagine, novels, and everywhere I travel-Europe, I bring back with me a stack of ones to add to my must-read pile.  A week ago – Me Before You – by Jojo Moyes became my currently-reading book. Because the movie is due out in a week and I wanted to read the novel (for the first time) before the film was out.

The reason I normally see the film first is to view it with an open mind, not knowing what should have been or could have been or who the actors should be or not. This time around, I felt I wanted to relate to the characters on a different level,  and hope that the actors could fill those shoes on-screen – not realizing that I would fall in love with every bit of the story in written form to the point, I honestly don’t care if the actors play the part as perfectly as expected for us judging from our seats,  comparing written stories to those captured in film

Thank you Jojo Moyes, you managed to captivate me with your writing, your story and everything else in between with Me Before You, and the film is just an added bonus.


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