Catalog Your Books Online – Reads a Helpful Website

There  are many sites out there that offer up the best way to do this and that, and when one is vulnerable, one buys into the idea. A few years back I stumbled upon GoodReads, and being from San Francisco, I felt the need to support this newly discovered local site, that connects readers, writers, and all sorts of critics.

GoodReads is a smart tool, one Amazon literally snatched before Google got a hold of it, the transaction stretching a smile across my face. I love a good business decision. How does the saying go – the early bird gets the worm?

In light of this bit of background story,  a good business partner of mine linked me to this site, and suggested I consider listing my books-the ones I wrote, and the one I am reading-on the site, to connect with ‘2,000,000 book lovers’ and you know what?  I signed up.

Here’s hoping that ‘Library Thing – Catalog your books online’ will be a positive connection for this author. Stay tuned.



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