Cover Design Connecting Two Novels by MLKilian

I know most books are judged by the cover, unless of course the author has a huge following, then it’s not that big of an issue. The fans may feel a little disappointed in a cover choice, but grab the book to read no less, because they are a fan.

That’s a good place to be if you are a renowned author. But for some us who are striving to get there, here is my reasoning behind the covers I chose for Piazza Navona and Nob Hill.

This is Piazza Navona, and almost in every photo whether you search online or take yourself, the famous fountain del Moro stands out. It’s the fountain directly outside of the stationary store where my story happens. The fountain is mesmerizing, and to me signifies everything the book is about. There was no way to consider anything else.

{source Piazza Navona photo.  Source for the facts behind Piazza Navona }

This is a view of Nob Hill, from what I could tell taken decades ago. But it doesn’t matter, because as you see, Nob Hill, is the modern day Piazza Navona miles away from wonderful Rome. And if you look closely the fountain in the center is really the focal point. Of course this is past all the predominant buildings and one big Cathedral like Piazza Navona. The interesting fact is that while I sat in the very- Huntington park trying to figure out the cover design for Nob Hill, I decided to look up on my cell information about the fountain discovering…

That the fountain  is a copy of Rome’s Fontana della Tartarughe in Italy (fountain of the turtles) designed by Giacomo Della Porta and Taddeo Landini in 1583. Imaging the excitement to learn that both fountains are somewhat connected surely a sign for me to consider the Fountain of the Turtles as the cover design for part II – Nob Hill.

Everything made perfect sense and the designs were selected from a hundred or more mock-ups, and that is my story and I am sticking to it.  Buy the novels here

{source for the photo. source for the fountain Nob Hill}

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