Holiday Gifts For The Book Lover

A few days ago, I walked into a Blackstone Bookstore in a small town in England – which shall remain nameless for now – since I am here doing research for another story – and I have to say, I was caught completely off guard by the amount of foot traffic the store receives. At … Continue reading Holiday Gifts For The Book Lover

Books Set in Florence, Italy

Since I love writing novels based ideally somewhere in Europe, I decided to include a list of books set,  in this case, in Florence, Italy.  Just in case, you share my passion for destination stories.  And if not, then please have a pleasant Tuesday.  

Today’s Inspiration – Rome

After a week of jetting here and there, conducting business, in addition to research, I am back at home bundled up typing away at my computer – and suddenly, Rome came to mind. The actual location where this photograph was taken, not by me, but I have also, is the very location I wrote an … Continue reading Today’s Inspiration – Rome