Holiday Gifts For The Book Lover

A few days ago, I walked into a Blackstone Bookstore in a small town in England – which shall remain nameless for now – since I am here doing research for another story – and I have to say, I was caught completely off guard by the amount of foot traffic the store receives. At first I thought it was because of the rain outside and/or the cafe upstairs, but when I stayed about an hour to observe and appreciate the volume of books categorized so perfectly throughout the store, I realized, people were actually there buying paperbacks or hardbacks.  It is definitely due to the holiday shopping, you might say, but after speaking to the clerks behind the check out counter, I was told  the store was busy most of the time and very busy over the weekends.  Oh what joy I felt.

Also, here’s a list of my next reads

and just in case you have a book-warm or a book-lover or an avid reader in your life – here’s a great link to some interesting gift ideas

Today’s Inspiration – Rome

After a week of jetting here and there, conducting business, in addition to research, I am back at home bundled up typing away at my computer – and suddenly, Rome came to mind.

The actual location where this photograph was taken, not by me, but I have also, is the very location I wrote an entire chapter about in Piazza Navona, where Elise spends a glorious day with a man she meets by chance in Rome-in Piazza Navona, of course.

View of  Rome from Castel Sant'Angelo, Italy.
View of Rome from Castel Sant’Angelo, Italy.

The paperback goes on sale for black Friday, also known as Thanksgiving Sale weekend  11/26/2015-11/29/2015  in the U.S. for 4.99+tax+shipping. Order your gift wrapped copy  here

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