Helpful Articles Or Schooling

On Monday, I signed up for  next semester’s writing course at Stanford University continuing studies, and ordered the reading materials from the public library to have on hand, before the start date  (September 25).  I had a difficult time making my choice, because there were too many wonderful classes being offered, and if I could have pull it off, I’d take all of them at one go.

But, reality is that I have a full-time job during the day, and I write evenings and weekends and so here we are – one class at a time. Oh woe is me! (sarcastically of course).

Anyway,  the whole point of this article is – there are so many helpful articles online about writing – a bit similar to the list of courses being offered by most any writing program and it got me thinking – what would you do?  Would you choose the free articles online over schooling – in terms of creative writing?

Check out what I mean:

Aimee K. Runyan offers up 10 Tips to Writing from multiple POVs
How to Distinguish Yourself Among Agents and Editors

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