Ten Must Do’s In Italy – Number 8: Have Coffee in Piazza Navona

I had to share this article I stumbled upon online. Ten Must Do Things While In Italy. Number 8: A suggestion to stop and have coffee in Piazza Navona. What they neglected to add,  was/is while you are sitting and having that amazing coffee, which I’ve done many times in Piazza Navona,  to also read my novel – Piazza Navona – on sale now direct from yours truly for USD10.00 plus tax and shipping:

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Piazza Navona – Novel – A Great Summer Read

I got a funny text from Carla – telling me the story of how she finally got around to reading Piazza Navona. She said when the book first came out, she ordered it right away to read on her cell phone, but had trouble seeing. Then she ordered a paperback version and moved across the globe before the book was delivered, possibly getting lost in the mail. My hope that someone awesome got to read it.

She finally bought a Kindle and downloaded Piazza Navona, and just couldn’t put it down to the point she missed her stop on the bus. Her words: I was so into it I also missed my stop on the bus. I hope you are happy.

I have to say that I am…happy…that she loved the book. Pass it on.

carla's review

Next Stop for Author ML Kilian – Danville, California

On Saturday June 20, I will be in Danville, California for their annual SummerFest taking it all in. While there, I will be at Rakestraw Bookstore from 1-2p.m. hoping to promote my novels.

In case you are wondering Danville, California is mentioned in my second novel – Nob Hill, which will be available for purchase on June 26.

I guess you can say my book tour throughout the bay area was strategically planned.

Anyway, here’s how it works. If you happen to be in the area, and plan to attend the Danville SummerFest, stop by Rakestraw bookstore between 1-2 and say hello, and get a free bookmark. Then, buy(order) the first novel – Piazza Navona on the spot, and I will send you part 2 – Nob Hill for free on June 26.

Hope to see you there!!!


North Beach Festival, Rome, and Piazza Navona

I’ll be at the North Beach Festival(famously known before as the Italian Festival) today in San Francisco. But most of all I will be in an iconic bookstore there called City Lights from 2-3p.m.

As you may or may not know, I have nothing but love for Italy, and because of my appreciation of the country, I decided to title my first novel after a famous neighborhood in Rome-Piazza Navona.

So, if you happen to be in the city, please stop by the festival and see if you could spot me out on the grounds, or at the bookstore between 2-3p. Say hello, and get a free bookmark.

The rules of the game: Order Piazza Navona through the bookstore, or online, send me an email mlkilianauthor2013@gmail.com. Become a fan here, Facebook or Twitter, and I will send you a complimentary copy of part 2 – Nob Hill.

Hope to see you there!!!

Where Will I Be In San Francisco – Indie Author M.L. Kilian

I will be at the following events and locations in San Francisco in the month of June-July 2015.

June 6th & June 7th at Union Street Festival Chronicle Books from 1-2p.m.

June 13th & June 14Th North Beach Festival City Lights Bookstore from 2-3p.m.

June 20th – Danville Summer Festival Rakeshaw Books from 1-2p.m.

July 4-5th – Fillmore Jazz Festival Browser Books Inc. from 2-3p.m.

Come introduce yourself, buy my first novel Piazza Navona and receive my second novel – Nob Hill for free.

Hope to see you there!

Book Expo America – Let’s Plan On It


I am in the middle of deciding whether to make an appearance at the Book Expo America in New York at the end of May. Last year, I simply added the hardcopy version of Piazza Navona to the new book exhibit and didn’t go. Although I got some feedback via email, and lots of sales, I felt as if I were missing a great opportunity to introduce myself. So, I vowed I would attend, secure a booth and bring with me several dozen copies of my two books for this year’s expo.

Let’s hope we can make it happen.  Keep your fingers crossed.

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