Thank You To All GoodReads Contest Participants

giveawayendsAnother exciting end to a contest I posted through Goodreads, offering copies of my first novel – Piazza Navona, to those in the US entering the contest. Thank you for adding my novel to your to-read list. I hope you find the story entertaining, and heartwarming.

I promise there will be more contests. I’m hoping we can do better for the international market. Maybe GoodReads can offer contests for E-books. Imagine how many more copies we can give away as indie authors.

In the meantime, if you are interested in reading Piazza Navona, or considering giving the 2-part novel as a gift to an avid reader in your circle, visit my Etsy store and order your copy/copies. Both Piazza Navona and Nob Hill are on sale through the end of December 2014, they come signed by me and gift wrapped.

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