Next Stop for Author ML Kilian – Danville, California

On Saturday June 20, I will be in Danville, California for their annual SummerFest taking it all in. While there, I will be at Rakestraw Bookstore from 1-2p.m. hoping to promote my novels. In case you are wondering Danville, California is mentioned in my second novel – Nob Hill, which will be available for purchase … Continue reading Next Stop for Author ML Kilian – Danville, California

Novels By ML Kilian – Gift Idea For The Holidays

For the month of December 2014, Piazza Navona and Nob Hill are on sale through my Etsy store. Originally each book sold for 10.00USD. Through December they are on sale for 7.00USD each and if you buy both it’s a total of 12.00USD plus tax and shipping. The books come gift wrapped for the holidays. … Continue reading Novels By ML Kilian – Gift Idea For The Holidays

Nob Hill – A New Book Cover

I am proud to report I’m having my book covers re-done. And although I should wait for both to announce it here, I just can’t. I guess you could say I am too excited. So here’s the cover for Nob Hill, hopefully a fresh look – Read the story behind the cover decision here:

M.L.Kilian Affiliation with Hudson Booksellers

Here’s a bit of news. Piazza Navona and Nob Hill are both available through HudsonBooksellers. The store with the blue and white plaque visible in almost every airport in the US and some in Europe – the one I frequent every chance I get, thumbing through paperbacks and hardcopy books, always buying one or two … Continue reading M.L.Kilian Affiliation with Hudson Booksellers

Part II – Nob Hill

Here it is, just as promised, book 2 I am so proud of finally completing. It’s a continuation of the first one – Piazza Navona and although you can read part II without really needing to read part I – I still suggest that you do. Piazza Navona ties all the loose ends for book 2 and vice … Continue reading Part II – Nob Hill