M.L.Kilian Affiliation with Hudson Booksellers


Here’s a bit of news. Piazza Navona and Nob Hill are both available through HudsonBooksellers. The store with the blue and white plaque visible in almost every airport in the US and some in Europe – the one I frequent every chance I get, thumbing through paperbacks and hardcopy books, always buying one or two to read when I get back home or even on my travels. If you happen to walk in and find my books are not on their shelves (hopefully because they have run out), feel free to order them through HudsonBooksellers.com. The beauty of it is that, by the time you get home, the book would have arrived in your mailbox or doorstep and you have it just in time to read for the holidays. You can also send the two books as a gift to anyone still old-fashioned (in a good way) enough to read bound books.

For Piazza Navona click here and for Nob Hill click here to order.

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