Who Are The Characters In Piazza Navona by ML Kilian

silhouette-clipart-RcdKKgKziThis is something I’ve wanted to share with all of you for a while.  In my first novel there are, as usual, a handful of characters which I’ve grown to be very protective of, drawing from people I’ve come across in my life who have left an impression so strong, I had to use their personalities and their demeanor  to flavor the story.

Elise Bowman: Is the main character who at 43 had been married for 25 years, fresh out of high school and mostly because she got pregnant at 18. She’s typically  an easy-going person, very content with her life – being married to Mark, having two daughters seven years apart, Lauren and Audrey, and a hobby-type career keeping her busy in between taking care of her family. She comes from a wealthy family, raised by parents who own properties throughout San Francisco and reside on Nob Hill.

Mark Bowman: Is also 43, a lawyer with his own successful practice planted in a high-rise in downtown San Francisco. He’s given Elise everything she wanted and for over 20 years been a wonderful husband and a good father. His parents forever resenting the fact he married Elise at a young age.

Lauren Bowman: The oldest daughter 25, has a successful career in the banking industry,  working in the financial district in San Francisco. She is engaged to Tony, a software developer – both of them unofficially living together in the Marina district in the city.  She’s a feisty and determined young lady, a little over dramatic and demanding. As typical secretly insecure like most girls her age.

Audrey Bowman: The 18-year-old who graduated from high school and is getting ready to move to Florence, Italy to attend college. Young, foolish and a little too eager to drink and party.

*Trivia: Both daughters were named after celebrities: Lauren Bacall and Audrey Hepburn.

Carla: Elise’s best friend. Very outspoken and holds the street-smarts, among other things Elise lacked, since having been brought up very privileged. Carla plays a major role in Elise’s life, being a true best friend – having known one another their entire life. She’s dating a Liam and also lives in San Francisco.

*Trivia: Carla and Elise’s relationship is loosely based on real-life friendships.

In Rome: We have Giovanni Caputo, Claudette and Jon Carlo, and finally Filipo – all important characters in Piazza Navona – part I who play intricate roles in Elise’s life. Giving away too much about each character defeats the purpose of reading Piazza Navona.

*Clue: There is a wedding involved worth reading about…

More Important character: Glennie, Mrs. Thompson, Mr. Celebrity, Sarah and Emma – you must read about and see if you can guess who their characters are very very loosely based on.

*Clue: There was a film made in Rome for real during one of my visits, inspiring me to base the most important characters around- can you guess what it was? Check for clues throughout the novel.

So there you have it – I’ve given you just enough to go by, and hopefully after you read the novel, it will all make sense even more, and urge you to read Nob Hill – part II  – it gets better.

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