Piazza Navona – ebook version and Amazon Update

As an indie author you are constantly challenged, and in all reality cannot let your guard down for even a second, if the goal is to become  a successful author. In light of this fact, I’ve been contacting my publisher to ask why Piazza Navona (the e-book version) isn’t showing up for sale in Amazon since I’ve done a revision weeks ago? They told me it was Amazon holding it up on their end. I emailed Amazon and was told, my publisher never submitted the e-version of the book. You can imagine my frustration. All this happened over a weekend, where Amazon seems to have a responsive customer service team available while my publisher doesn’t. So I had to wait until Monday, and when I called I discovered yes, the publisher in fact hadn’t submitted my e-book version to them based on Amazon’s specifications (pause) you can imagine my frustration.

So, to make this long story shorter than I attempted to make it. Piazza Navona e-book for Amazon is currently in limbo – somewhere between Amazon and my publisher while they work through the specs for submitting the e-version. (pause) you can imagine my frustration.  Anyway, those of you who have contacted me asking why there isn’t an e-book version of Piazza Navona – more specifically – Kindle version.  My answer would have to be – I apologize for the back office mess. Hopefully it will be resolved shortly.  Thanks again for your support everyone.

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