Scotland In Relation To A Novel

I picked Scotland for WHAT IF… For more reasons than I want to elaborate here. You just have to wait and see when the novel comes out April 16, 2016 Until then, I came across this interesting article on BBC-Earth and wanted to share it with you, and along with the article, some of the … Continue reading Scotland In Relation To A Novel

Novel 3 – Coming Soon

Third novel – was released in December 2018 in beta mode – otherwise known as a first draft copy to a group of avid readers, who offered up great suggestions for improvements. My novel is now in the final stages of edit and will be released soon.

Happy Birthday To My Recent Inspiration…

There is always an inspiration –  someone or some thing that pushes you in the right direction to write your next story…in this case it is the man behind the mask or not. Thank you for making it easy to create one hell of a story. Happy birthday.