Twenty-Five Days and Counting, In The Meantime Calling All ARCs Reviewers

Here’s a bit of exciting news. I hope you think so as much as I do.

WhatIF-Novel3-2142016MLKILIANWe are seeking all book lovers interested in reading and writing a book review to submit by April 6, 2016.

On March 26, 2016,  Fifty ARCs (Advanced Reading Copies) in e-pub form will be released to those who sign up  below, to write a review for WHAT IF,  the third novel by M.L.Kilian.

The reviews will be added on a dedicated page in this website, and circulated on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads and all other social medias. In addition three will be selected to include on the back cover of the novel.

Please complete the contact form below by March 24, 2016 to receive your ARC.  Submit all reviews to by April 6, 2016.



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