Part II You ask?

I’ve been quiet on my blog for a while because I am busy working mostly on the finishing touches of book one, part II (untitled). Thanks to some of you for actually asking me when part II would be ready, expressing how desperately you are waiting for it. Thank you from the bottom of my … Continue reading Part II You ask?

Writing Promotional Material From An Indie Author

I laughed so hard this morning, while I spent a good amount of hours writing up promotional material for my novel. Something, I suppose, I am required to do to circulate my book among potential distributors/bookstores. I welcomed the challenge, thinking how hard could it be to gather information about myself and my book. You … Continue reading Writing Promotional Material From An Indie Author

Contest and Giveaway

A few of my friends asked, jokingly of course, if I would have any giveaways in the near future. A free book or a bookmark or…. At the time I smiled at the suggestion and it wasn’t until I travelled through England, Scotland and France this past month, promoting my book, that I decided a … Continue reading Contest and Giveaway

Soul Mates – Creative Thinking

I believed in soul mates differently in my teens mostly, and maybe all the way through my early thirties. While I continue to gather material for all the novels I plan to write, I question if there is such a thing as a soul mate? Just because we have something in common with another person … Continue reading Soul Mates – Creative Thinking

book update – sigh

So, back to square one and everything is now on hold since I’ve asked the publishing company to pull the incorrect ebooks and submit the correct version. In the meantime, since the ebooks are queued up for released through different mediums, the correction will overlap. So my suggestion, please don’t buy the book until you … Continue reading book update – sigh