Contest and Giveaway

A few of my friends asked, jokingly of course, if I would have any giveaways in the near future. A free book or a bookmark or….

At the time I smiled at the suggestion and it wasn’t until I travelled through England, Scotland and France this past month, promoting my book, that I decided a contest was a good idea.

So, here it is.

For the month of April, if you purchase Piazza Navona in e-book  (online) or paperback (contact me directly for the paperback version) and write a review online for the e-book (on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, iBookstore and more) or blog, tweet, Facebook about my book, the paperback version, I will give you Part II for free. That would be two books for the price of one.

If you subscribe to my blog, Facebook or Twitter between 21-Mar-2014 to 30-April-2014, I will send you a free bookmark.

Click here for details 

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