Writing Promotional Material From An Indie Author

11267159-a-yellow-square-sticky-note-wtih-the-words-and-concept-remember-to-think-outside-the-boxI laughed so hard this morning, while I spent a good amount of hours writing up promotional material for my novel. Something, I suppose, I am required to do to circulate my book among potential distributors/bookstores. I welcomed the challenge, thinking how hard could it be to gather information about myself and my book. You know, something like a resume or a CV. Well, I’m here to tell you it was difficult thinking of ways to detail a pitch, a cover letter explaining why me and why my book. Later, I needed to provide a list of places I’ve advertised and then what my plans are to promote the book in the near future, filing in also places online that I’ve posted information about myself. It was wonderful an experience, and once I finished the two-page document, I felt proud of how much info I’ve been able to compile to create – well – myself online; available for the world to see, judge, analyze and hopefully respect soon as a solid author.

Tomorrow I mail the packages, within the contents including the said cover letter, a copy of my book and an invisible smile, crossing my fingers also that those I’ve reached via regular mail, will find it in their hearts to carry my book in their stores. Stay tuned.

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