Soul Mates – Creative Thinking

tumblr_mwlpt3IYvC1s4nq4ko1_500I believed in soul mates differently in my teens mostly, and maybe all the way through my early thirties. While I continue to gather material for all the novels I plan to write, I question if there is such a thing as a soul mate? Just because we have something in common with another person in this world, doesn’t quite mean we are soul mates.

In my opinion; we tend to confuse sexual attraction or the love of dogs and football equally as being soul mates. Think about it for a minute.

I wholeheartedly believe soul mates are those who think above and beyond what the day-to-day life is and plan things much deeper than the typical life paths. Soul mates are those who strive to live a simple life, wanting only the best for everyone around them, existing with the entire universe in mind and reaching for the stars only to make good things happen. Soul mates are unique individuals and from what I feel, are very few, roaming the plant greatly unsettled, like nomads with no particular place of belonging. The water tames them. The moon guides them, and nature enlightens their soul. Soul mates often pass to the other side much sooner than everyone else, because they understand the good of the world on a deeper level, the beauty of everything surrounding them and in all reality never meet one another in this lifetime…


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