Hogmanay: Edinburgh’s New Year Festival or…

Best part of writing to me is researching online for facts or not even so much facts, but information to add and make a story believable. And while fine-tuning my third novel,  I discovered Hogmanay. The word alone expresses some kind of joy, and in Edinburgh it is – commercially or factually – you choose … Continue reading Hogmanay: Edinburgh’s New Year Festival or…

Free Novel Giveaway: Piazza Navona

Wow, April is coming to an end sooner than I had hoped. Only 2 days left and with that my book giveaway is coming to an end. I am curious to get a list of five winners who will get a free copy of the book. I am also very nervous about what they will … Continue reading Free Novel Giveaway: Piazza Navona

Challenges of an Indie Author

I have to say a year ago, I thought writing a book would be the most difficult thing to do. Well, I was wrong. Marketing and advertising has topped the list of everything difficult an author is faced with in regards to making her/his book noticed and read. Of course the internet is saturated with … Continue reading Challenges of an Indie Author

My First Novel – Piazza Navona

I hesitated posting a blog entry today, which I do on occasion, while thinking about the topic and then I walked into my office this morning to discover that my first novel hit Amazon Kindle  and is in queue to become available through other e-book means: iBookstore, Sony, Barnes and Nobles, Kobo, Copia, Gardners, Page … Continue reading My First Novel – Piazza Navona

The Romance of Writing Novels

Quotes play a major role in paving the course of a novel, at least for me. Outside of travel to romantic destinations, I find my stories in quotes. Well mostly those that apply to me at the moment I am going through something. The ability to take a few words and turn it into a … Continue reading The Romance of Writing Novels