Good Morning World…

Apologies for not posting as much here. I took a few weeks to escape the norm and find some inspiration to write again. In the meantime, here’s a picture of me (well one that reminds me of me) – always in a bookstore wherever I travel to, thumbing and searching for that wonderful little novel … Continue reading Good Morning World…

Immersed In Observing and Writing

I apologize for neglecting to update to those interested in my whereabouts and ‘whatabouts’. But I have been extremely busy in finishing up my next book, among other writing obligations, which require time-consuming research. I know – not a good excuse, but for now there are not enough hours in the day, or days in … Continue reading Immersed In Observing and Writing

Travel Quotes or Best Affirmations I’ve Read So Far

I travel extensively, mostly for pleasure. But I do use the excuse that it’s for research. I mean, technically, it isn’t an excuse. I do research for my novels –  while I travel for pleasure.  🙂 Anyway, the other day I stumbled upon these set of travel quotes from my favorite  Conde Nast Traveler e-magazine, … Continue reading Travel Quotes or Best Affirmations I’ve Read So Far

Reactions to My First Novel – Piazza Navona

I love getting feedback and reactions and comments about my novel and appreciate the fact, so far so good. Every bit of encouragement helps and hopefully in time, most women who enjoy an amazing story, will find time to read the e-book (soon to be paperback). In answer to part II – hoping for mid … Continue reading Reactions to My First Novel – Piazza Navona

Determination to Persevere

I just got word from the editor that my book is in the final stages of the publishing process and I think I let out a gentle sigh, not so much of relief but anxiety. I’ve been waiting forever for this to happen and now I need to wait until the ‘final stages’. While I … Continue reading Determination to Persevere