Synonym Nightmare Every New Author Needs To Know

sshot20100728232922Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night freaked out over a word I’ve chosen in my writings, doubting myself. Then I grab pen and paper I keep at my bedside, making a note to research that very word, considering changing it to better mean what I am trying to say. I know this happens to many of you, and only some make a conscious effort to fix it, while others leave the words in, hoping no one would find out – or maybe its a simple mistake.


Recently, with all talk about Fifty Shades of Grey, the trilogy, the author and the film in the making, there are various shades of people giving their opinions about the recent obsession. Picking on everything to critique  – the story, the author, and later I’m certain the film. I am not condemning any opinion, nor judging anyone but when I came across this article detailing the 50 Worst Synonyms used incorrectly in 50 Shades, I gasped for air, getting another glimpse of how harsh in judgement the industry can be, and how much harder I have to work to make sure my work is polished enough.

What’s your worst fear about your writing?

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