A Few Updates For M.L.Kilian

bookcoversJuly is almost overnow seven months into the year, and I have to say I’ve been very busy, mostly writing, promoting, marketing, designing, brainstorming, debating, contemplating and most everything else ending with ‘ing’ you can think of. Although that’s the case, I wanted to squeeze in a few updates on my blog/website to answer all those questions pouring in daily.

Question one:  When is part II being released?
Answer:  Nob Hill – part II – is now available online in ebook and paperback.
Check your favorite site to order your copy.

Question Two: Is there another book in the works?
Answer: Yes – my third novel is scheduled for release February 2015

Question Three: Is part II the last of the series?
Answer: You have to read the book to find out.(smile)

Question Four: Can you give us a hint about book 3?
Answer: Not yet. By early November I will provide a brief synopsis.

Question Five: Will you have a book signing and where?
Answer: Yes, I am currently organizing a book signing in California first, than New York and London.

If you have questions you’d like answered, please click here and send me an email.

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