The Most Beautiful Idea Yet…

…is one I came across while reading the latest blog entry here. And it made me smile, the kind of happy expression I can hardly describe. But if you’ve been there, you’ll understand. I think I will frame this quote and keep it visible just in case of a setback or disillusionment of sorts.  

Assignment 6 – Home

Write a 200-300 word essay/story beginning describing the moment a character/narrator is departing (home? the country? a party?). What are the sensory details that would be noticed upon this moment of departure? We lost our home in Sacramento a year after the market crashed, and the housing industry came crumbling down, and somewhere in between … Continue reading Assignment 6 – Home

Recent Thoughts About Writing

In my English Composition class, my college professor asked us to write a page on the following question. Why is it that you love writing? Mind you this was for a Saturday eight in the morning class. Where most of my classmates were half asleep. I opened my journal and wrote the reasons why I … Continue reading Recent Thoughts About Writing