Three Questions A Day – No. 7

There is a cat, a tabby which prowls the neighborhood, crosswise over the wooden fences. One-day last week, I saw this cat lounging in a far corner; against the fence in my garden, watching, it seems the crows hovering above.  I became concerned because he was in a vulnerable position, not moving from that spot, no matter the imminent danger circling the skies. So, I remained watchful day and night to the best of my abilities. Then one early morning, I returned to the window to find the cat missing from the spot, and visible nowhere in my garden. I panicked, blaming myself for letting him down, while imagining the worst possible scenario. Peeping thereafter from my window every few hours to see if there was any sign of him. To my relief, the cat eventually made his presence, this time he paced my garden, smelled a plant here and there, in between rubbing against the shrubs. He relieved himself, then slowly and very carefully descended the stone steps, when I realized from an affliction to his right hind leg, that the cat had been actually nursing an injury of some sort, in my garden, where he found the refuge, he very much needed.

I haven’t seen the cat since…

What does unconditional love look like for you?

  • My dog – no matter what frame of mind or how up and down I feel, through my tears, my laughs, my pains, my happiness – my dog has given me the most unconditional love I can possibly ever hope for.  Someday very soon, I’m going to miss him greatly – now struggling with all things old age.

What do you love about life?

  • The ability to freely explore the world, which at the moment seems a distant memory.

If my body could talk, it would say…

  • I am doing my best to live life fully while being mindful of all the wonderful around us.
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