Some Updates Since BookExpo America – Author M.L. Kilian

tumblr_ml5crmTGy61qfaioqo1_500First of all, I have to apologize for not posting so much here. I’ve been very busy finalizing the cover design for book one, part II and adding the last in-between pages. You know the ones that go right after the cover and before Chapter 1, those ones.  Detailing publishing information, credits, disclaimers and author notes – all an important part of binding a novel together e-book or paper.

Next week, the title will be released, along with what the cover will look like. Getting the design right was a challenge since I wanted to keep the same theme as part I. Finally, after two months of going back and forth with the graphic designer I work with, we made it happen, agreeing on the best photographer to keep the theme going.




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