Latest Read: Its Hot In The Hamptons

I laugh at the idea of me buying a dozen books every time I travel to England or a destination with an English bookstore, but always end up checking out a book at a public library in San Francisco and reading it before I touch any of the ones I hauled across the pond and beyond.

With that said, I cannot put the novel – It’s Hot In the Hamptons – down. It has me laughing so hard, and kind of annoying actually to those that are around me. You know what I am talking about, when someone snickers to themselves or their shoulders jiggled while they silently laugh, that kind. That’s what I am doing.

I figured I’d share a day or two in the life of this author – who’s kept quiet for a while, too busy working with editors and publishers and all things novel-writing. But don’t fret, I will have updates for you shortly.  In the meantime, happy reading, whatever it is your heart desires and do share.

Piazza Navona and Nob Hill On Sale

I am excited to report that both of my novels, Piazza Navona and Nob Hill, are now on sale through Amazon for 9.99USD for the paperback version. Normally 16.95 and 15.95 respectively.  If you are interested please follow this link to Atelier300, an affiliate shop I am currently working with to offer new prints at a discount.


Some Updates Since BookExpo America – Author M.L. Kilian

tumblr_ml5crmTGy61qfaioqo1_500First of all, I have to apologize for not posting so much here. I’ve been very busy finalizing the cover design for book one, part II and adding the last in-between pages. You know the ones that go right after the cover and before Chapter 1, those ones.  Detailing publishing information, credits, disclaimers and author notes – all an important part of binding a novel together e-book or paper.

Next week, the title will be released, along with what the cover will look like. Getting the design right was a challenge since I wanted to keep the same theme as part I. Finally, after two months of going back and forth with the graphic designer I work with, we made it happen, agreeing on the best photographer to keep the theme going.