Print On Demand or Not?


Here’s another challenge I am facing past publishing my novel. To Print On Demand or Not – a distribution contract to consider to get bookstores around the globe to shelve my neatly bound paperback.

As I reviewed 42 contracts last night to determine the rules and regulations of every chain or not bookstore, I have to say I was again discouraged – realizing not all companies want to work with print on demand distributors – yet from an indie author’s point of view, it is the most economical means of getting published work out. Each company asks you to also provide a marketing plan, media details and everything on the planet you intend to use to promote your book. Only one bookstore in San Francisco was willing to shelf my book through consignment, but wanted me to agree to the fact, some books may go missing and it is not their responsiblity if they do – this is of course after they’ve had a chance to read the book and decide if it’s for them to carry in their stores.

I want to open an indie book store – accepting all applicants – giving every author a chance to sell their books, offering each a book signing opportunity or a reading. I know there are people who’d support the idea and the indie authors. I mean we do it for indie filmmakers and musicians and various other artists – we take a chance on them, why not indie authors.

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