To Write A Short…

Can you imagine a short? A weekend with a lover…here?

Partnering with IngramSpark

tumblr_mm8lwxB1TU1spgtwdo1_500Finally some light at the end of the tunnel as I learn the ins and outs of being an indie author. I am very happy to report that I have officially signed on with IngramSpark to distribute my first novel – Piazza Navona. I know I’ve gotten so many emails asking how to order the paperback version of my book- well after a long debate and consideration, I am happy to report in a few days or so, the paperback version of my book will be available to order.

Also, just a note for those of you attending the Book Expo America in New York, take note a sample of the book will be available for review in the new author release booth. Please feel free to email me for additional questions or information to: