Four Prompts Worth The Exercise and then there is mine…

students-desks-in-circle-circa-1960-black-white-mark-goebelI love taking classes at a university past my college years. I think the whole  idea of writing, reading, discussions, homework and so forth make me feel more youthful than I already am ;).

A week or two back our professor offered up a daily prompt and asked us to fill in the rest. So I figured  I’d share the exercise with those of you interested in writing. In my opinion, this sort of exercise can also help with writer’s block. Here are the prompts, please feel free to reply with your take on each or all.

  • It Serves me right, he/she thought…
  • The next day she had a different idea to…
  • Now the gloves were off…
  • Behind the mask he saw…
  • What I would not do over again…




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