How A Bad Cold Contributed to this dialogue

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I have a cold: I told a friend over instant messenger this morning.
and her response: oh?
Yeah: I said back, assuming her quietness meant she expected me to elaborate. Or maybe I was feeling lonely and needed to keep talking:
I mixed over the counter cold remedies last night. Which by the way was a bad idea. I told her. My body was twitching, my throat was making funny wheezing sounds and what was worse, I could hear conversations in my ears while trying to fall asleep.
Still no reaction.
So I opened my eyes slowly, as a means to help  decipher best whether I was  imaging the voices or…: I continued,  in what suddenly  felt like a one-person  online conversation. But I didn’t care, I wanted to talk about it even if no one was listening. And when the voice continued, I decided to lay very still in bed and channel in,  hoping to make  sense of the conversation . Which I figured out by this point, was really only streaming in my right ear.  It was a faint voice, frail, a very old woman from ions ago, telling a story. She had so much to say, and while she spoke her heart ached with nostalgia. Was it my grandmother? I thought. Shivers ran up my spine, while I paused just then to see if my friend would throw me a reaction. She sent a smiley face. Which I took as, her not being at all interested in hearing my story. So I stared at the blinking tab on my screen, debating whether it was worth it to go on.
So what happened?:  She eventually typed, adding pulse to our near dead conversation.
Well, I kept telling myself that if I remained ever more still and also held my breath, I may just be able to make out the words.  But the utmost of fears overwhelmed all my senses, and I threw the covers to one side, and while bolting out of bed, unintentionally frazzling my pup who’d been peacefully snoozing lodged against my back. I needed to shut off whatever was going on in my head…
Her answer: (blinking cursor)
After ten minutes in this ugly dead zone with my friend, I clicked to close the instant messenger –  thinking how dreadful of folks who  abandon the online of conversations.  But that voice inside my head last night, be it due to unintentional heavy dosing of medication on my part, or not, needs tapping into….

What do you think? Should I open the Pandora’s box on this new muse I’ve found for my next novel? Or should I get over my cold/flu first and perhaps think clearly?

I’d love to hear your input on this matter at hand. And if you not, then thank you for listening.


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