Italy Hotel Inspiration For My Novel – Piazza Navona

I don’t know if I’ve expressed how much I love Italy, and that’s probably why I chose to base my first novel in most of Italy. Places I frequent every chance I get. Anyway, I wanted to share with you the hotels mentioned in the book:



Florence: Hotel Degli Orafi: You can imagine my fascination with this quaint hotel very close to the Ponte Vecchio, naturally one of my favorite tourist attractions in the beautiful Florence. This is where Elise stays when she first arrives in Italy.


Rome: Hotel Raphael: The photo above is the rooftop restaurant I used for the many dinners Elise had while staying in the hotel, including the first time she met Mr. Celebrity


Rome: Hotel Regina Baglioni: A quick escape for the night, one of the most memorable – I won’t give away here.


Lake Como: Casta Diva Resort: I love being in Lake Como. It is one of the most breath-taking destinations possible, and I knew I couldn’t leave this wonderful place out of my novel. Read on to see what happens in this enchanted hotel.

And now you know. Next up more details about Piazza Navona

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