Diana Gabaldon and Outlander Television Series

outlander-key-art-600Since I’ve been doing a lot of research recently about Scotland, past traveling through the country back in March, I couldn’t wait to see the much anticipated television series – Outlander (airing August 9th in the U.S.). The good thing is the first episode is currently available to watch online for free – just click here to be redirected.

I read a few of the books a long time ago, admiring the author Diana Gabaldon for her ability to turn a possible hobby of writing a novel into great story telling. Now, years later, her books are turned into a television series. I sat in front of my computer late Friday night and watched the first episode, very ready to take it all in – and I must say I got hooked, unable to wait for the next episode, so far loving every bit of how they introduced the story to us.

Since I have a movie blog, I also enjoy researching the background details of film making and mini-series and such, so in the case of Outlander. I have several to share. Did you know:

  • Diana Gabaldon, the author is a consultant while filming?
  • Did you know the show has been filming for a year now in Scotland, with 16 episodes nearly completed?
  • Did you know each book can be read independently, but since they have almost all of the same characters, it’s best to start from the beginning?
  • Voiceover on the show was decided to be used to connect with the main character Claire and to also connect with the book.
  • Castle Doune is used for Castle Leach
  • There are no subtitles to Scottish Gaelic – so you are on your own to figure out what they are saying. Not to worry,  it is very easy to follow.

I do recommend the show, a must see, a refreshing escape from the common television shows of late. Also, click here to learn more about the series and the author, just in case you aren’t familiar.  And if you are curious, here is a fun interview with the cast.

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