Book Promo With Fee and Without

tumblr_msin6cEQY31r2qjwqo1_1280Since my book Piazza Navona made its appearance on Amazon and more, available for purchase in e-book and paperback, I’ve done nothing but promote, naturally of course. Since then I’ve also read article after article explaining the best way to approach ‘promoting your book.’ I am pleased there is a wealth of information out there suggesting with a fee or not, different avenues available in helping/aiding/assisting/guiding and much more.

Yesterday I decided to shift gears, reaching out to Amazon Reviewers big and small to ask they review my book, feeling at the time very optimistic about the exercise and glad for the suggestion by Bookbaby Newsletter. To my not-so-surprise, five out of five replied as follows:

1. Too busy and overwhelmed
2. Not interested
3. Mail delivery fail
4. Too busy being Amazon Top Reviewer
5. Too busy and sorry I am a Hall of Famer

I’m okay with that. But this got me thinking. Will I ever become too busy, too overwhelmed or too successful to have time for others, forgetting for a second there how I started and how important it is to give back? I do wonder, taking into stride all the rejection, in a way pushing me to try harder and never give up. Very confident that someday my writings will enlighten those searching for inspiration…any means possible.

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