Checklist For How To Promote Your Book

bk00014917-option-2As an indie author I’ve spend the past several months promoting and marketing my book Piazza Navona and doing so without following a compiled list of how to’s. Last night I clicked on an email I received from here detailing the do’s of proper promoting and marketing your book. Here is the list and where I am with it so far:

1. Set Up a Professional Author Website – check
2. Make sure your site is media friendly – check
3.  Guest blog posts
4. Plan your book launch event early – check
5.  Hold a social media contest and giveaway – check
6. Do radio interviews and lots of them
7. Promote yourself in your email signature – check
8. Send your book to seven reviewers each week – five so far
9. Craft a catchy press release – check
10. Start your own email newsletter
11. Use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest – check
12. Follow up with everyone that helped you – Next week
13. Be good to book clubs
14. Ask a friend to host a book party
15. Explore consignment options – check
16. Subscribe to google alert – check
17. Subsidise your vacations – check Scotland, England and France – ongoing
18. Books Aren’t for just book stores – in process
19. Write a letter to editors – ongoing
20. Post every positive review on your website – check

The exciting part is that I have just begun. I’m looking forward to trying all the other items on my list not yet explored.  Stay tuned 🙂

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